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Avik Roy
Forbes: The Apothecary
Wed, 2014-04-30
"I must have missed the fine print. That thought repeatedly ran through my head last October as I read the letter from my insurance company. It informed that my family’s health plan will be canceled effective December 2014—and Obamacare is to blame."
Dean Clancy
The Federalist
Wed, 2014-04-30
"So which bill should Rs take up first? I would suggest they start with one or more bills to expands Health Savings Accounts. That’s safe ground for them. HSAs are popular, and threatened by Obamacare’s rules. Exempt them from Obamacare. Make them more generous. Expand access to them in the workplace and Medicare."
James Capretta & Yuval Levin
The Weekly Standard
Fri, 2014-04-25
"Obamacare’s defenders are doing their best to sustain a triumphant mood these days. In the wake of the late-March surge in exchange enrollment, many proponents of the law have insisted it can no longer be rolled back. As the president put it in his April 1 Mission Accomplished speech announcing the enrollment figures, “The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.” But just as conservative assertions that the law would collapse of its own weight were premature, so too are today’s liberal proclamations that the debate is over."
James Freeman
Wall Street Journal
Thu, 2014-04-24
"A new survey demonstrates the Affordable Care Act's negative impact on employment. According to the Journal, 'nearly half of small-business owners with at least five employees, or 45% of those polled, said they had had to curb their hiring plans because of the health law, and almost a third—29%—said they had been forced to make staff cuts, according to a U.S. Bancorp survey of 3,173 owners with less than $10 million in annual revenue that will be released Thursday.'"
Bob Laszewski
Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review
Tue, 2014-04-22
"A few observations from my travels and conversations in the marketplace"
Scott W. Atlas
Real Clear Politics
Tue, 2014-04-22
"Many key provisions of The Affordable Care Act were finally implemented earlier this year, and widespread dismay over the reality of an overreaching government immediately followed. Initially, the predominant focus was on the inept rollout of the Obama administration’s website, a fiasco that cost well over $500 million of American taxpayer money -- more than was spent to develop Facebook and Twitter combined, more than the cost of developing Apple’s iPhone. With more than two dozen executive branch decisions to delay some of the law’s deadlines -- but ignoring fixes more substantive than repairing the basic functions of its website -- the Obama administration cynically pushed forward."
Jay Cost
The Weekly Standard
Mon, 2014-04-21
"Since Obamacare “hit” its “enrollment” “target,” Democrats, liberals, and their friends in the press have enjoyed some old-fashioned taunting of Republicans. This would be justifiable if a.) Republicans had destroyed the website that needed fixing or b.) predicted that nobody would sign up for the program in the first place. Neither condition holds, of course. The website was totally the design of CMS, HHS, and the White House, which are all run by Democrats. Meanwhile, as Michael Cannon argued, it is no big feat to get people to sign up for a heavily subsidized product."
David Hogberg
The Federalist
Fri, 2014-04-18
"President Obama yesterday again claimed his health care law had triumphed as enrollment in the Obamacare exchanges had reached eight million. However, it will prove a Pyrrhic victory."
Josh Archambault
Forbes: The Apothecary
Thu, 2014-04-17
"During the past few months, insurance industry insider Bob Laszewski has chronicled many of the failures of ObamaCare’s launch. He has raised some very important questions and concerns from the insurance industry about future policy and premium bumps that lay ahead under the ACA. Unfortunately, his recent attack on Republican governors and state lawmakers who have rejected ObamaCare’s misguided Medicaid expansion completely misses the mark. He contends that Arkansas’ “Private Option” is really just a block grant for Medicaid. But the truth lies in the fine print, and while there is no question the Private Option puts state taxpayers at risk, it also creates a new entitlement and ceded most of the control for the program to the federal government. It’s like putting the fox in charge of the hen house."
Ross Douthat
The New York Times
Wed, 2014-04-16
"Ezra Klein, in his new capacity as one of the impresarios behind Vox, has written a pair of attention-grabbing posts — here, and then here — defending the proposition that Obamacare has, in some sense, “won,” and that conservatives who can’t come to terms with that victory can’t come to terms with reality itself. Reading them, it struck me that this argument would benefit from laying down some specific markers for the near future, because Klein seems to move back and forth between two definitions of success."

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