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Jed Graham
Investor's Business Daily
Fri, 2013-05-31

"Under ObamaCare, modest-wage earners face a choice: Pay premiums they probably can't afford or pay a bit less for policies with deductibles so high it makes them queasy. The good news is that the initial ObamaCare premiums for the California market, heralded by state officials last week as 'a home run for consumers,' do appear to be somewhat lower than outside actuaries had warned. The bad news is that the design of ObamaCare's subsidies still threatens to keep the young and healthy uninsured, driving up premiums for everybody else."

Avik Roy
Thu, 2013-05-30

"Supporters of Obamacare justified passage of the law because one insurer in California raised rates on some people by as much as 39 percent. But Obamacare itself more than doubles the cost of insurance on the individual market. I can understand why Democrats in California would want to mislead the public on this point. But journalists have a professional responsibility to check out the facts for themselves."

Robert Laszewski
Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review
Tue, 2013-05-28

"As the director of the California exchange put it, 'These rates are way below the worst-case gloom-and-doom scenarios we have heard.' But a few days later there is lots more information coming out and it would appear we have a case of apples to oranges to grapefruit. And, we have a pretty good case of rate shock."

Lanhee Chen
Fri, 2013-05-24

"What this means, however, is that Covered California is creating for itself a very favorable and already higher baseline from which to compare next year’s individual health insurance premiums. That’s how they’re able to create the appearance that Obamacare’s reforms will lower individual premiums. To put it simply: Covered California is trying to make consumers think they’re getting more for less when, in fact, they’re just getting the same while paying more."

Robert Samuelson
The Washington Post
Thu, 2013-05-23

"You’ve heard of the 'fog of war.' Well, now we’ve got the fog of Obamacare. The controversial Affordable Care Act (ACA) has so many moving parts that it’s hard to know how its implementation is proceeding."

Philip Klein
The Washington Examiner
Thu, 2013-05-23

"In 2012, the average individual insurance plan cost Californians $177 per month, according to online insurance marketplace ehealthinsurance.com. Yet the report put out by Covered California lists the average “silver” plan on the exchange as costing individuals $321 per month. That’s an 80 percent increase — or even more for those who still have the freedom to go without insurance and currently pay $0 in premiums. That freedom will disappear come January."

John Goodman
The Wall Street Journal
Mon, 2013-05-20

"On Oct. 1, millions of Americans are supposed to be able to go online and acquire health insurance on electronic exchanges in the states where they live. But here is a question that is being increasingly asked by people in the insurance industry: What happens if the exchanges aren't ready on time?"

Douglas Holtz-Eakin
The Washington Times
Mon, 2013-05-20

"In this group of current insurance purchasers, only 83 percent will still purchase if premiums rise 10 percent; 65 percent, if premiums rise 20 percent; and only 55 percent, if premiums rise 30 percent. The economic lesson is simple: As premiums rise, eventually, some consumers reach a price point at which they simply stop buying health insurance."

Reps. Dave Camp & Fred Upton
The Washington Examiner
Wed, 2013-05-15

"So, if repeal is not a viable short-term option, reveal must be. Dissecting Obamcare's defective anatomy while offering alternatives is the way to get our health care system back on track. That's why the two committees we chair will continue our aggressive oversight, exposing Obamacare's failures - and discussing ways to provide more affordable health care to all Americans. What have our efforts 'revealed' so far?"

Peter Suderman
Reason Magazine
Tue, 2013-05-14

"Following recent revelations that agents in multiple IRS offices, including tax officials in Washington, targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny, a number of former and current Republican legislators are already counseling caution about the agency's role in administering the law. Concerns about the agency’s oversight of the health law are well-founded—and not only because of general concerns about the agency’s judgment."

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