David Barnes

ObamaCare is plainly unaffordable for many young Americans. We’re at the start of our careers—and the bottom of the income ladder—so paying so much for something we likely won’t use makes little sense. The IRS penalty of $695 or 2.5% of our income is often cheap by comparison. We may be young, but we can do the math.

Young Americans aren’t looking for “outreach” and “engagement” from President Obama. We’re looking for affordable health-insurance plans—and ObamaCare doesn’t offer them.

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David Barnes
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  1. Kathleen Reardon-Anderson

    While investigating the networks for the 2017 ACA plans in NYC, I learned that Memorial Sloan Kettering is in-network for Medicaid and the Essential Plan (free for very low income people) through Emblem, but for no other ACA plans. So ACA subscribers who pay taxes and premiums albeit on modest incomes have less access to critical medical care than do those subsidized by the government.

    Where is the wisdom in this?

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