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Issue: "Medical Innovation"

Get Ready for Huge Drug Cost Gap in Obamacare

The Associated Press
Mon, 2013-05-13

"Cancer patients could face high costs for medications under President Barack Obama's health care law, industry analysts and advocates warn. Where you live could make a huge difference in what you'll pay."

Unnecessary Regulations that Increase Prescription Drug Costs

Devon Herrick, National Center for Policy Analysis
Thu, 2013-03-07

"Most health plans provide some prescription drug benefits. Drug coverage will become more prevalent as more uninsured families gain health insurance as a result of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)... As drug coverage has become widespread, so have calls to impose additional regulations on drug plans and the firms that manage them. In the guise of protecting consumers, there are frequent calls for state and federal lawmakers to enact laws that hamper efficient management of prescription drug benefits. These efforts are short-sighted."

GOP, Dems Call For Repeal Of $30 Billion Medical Device Tax

Pete Kasperowicz, The Hill
Thu, 2013-02-07

"A bipartisan group of 180 House members — consisting of about 40 percent of the House — has reintroduced a bill to end the 2.3 percent tax on medical devices that was imposed under President Obama's healthcare law."

ObamaCare Highlights Top Hospitals — And Bars More

David Hogberg, Investor's Business Daily
Wed, 2013-01-23

"The Obama administration says it's identified hospitals that provide patients with the most value under a new ObamaCare bonus program. Unfortunately, they turn out to be the very same facilities that the sweeping health care law tries to block from expanding. ObamaCare has impeded the expansion of the hospitals that may provide patients with the most value according to the results of an ObamaCare bonus program."

ObamaCare, Taxes, and Wishful Thinking

Kevin Williamson
National Review Online
Tue, 2012-12-11

"A group of Democratic senators is seeking to delay the implementation of new taxes on medical-device manufacturers, citing concerns about competitiveness for the industry. Other than what they believe to be temporary economic weakness, all of the arguments the Democrats make against implementing the tax now are arguments against implementing it ever. My prediction is that this one will be the first to go."

Medical Device Tax Would Thwart Innovation

Dan Moore, Greg Sorensen and Timothy M. Ring
Thu, 2012-11-15

"Every day, America’s medical technology community gets up and goes to work, focused on improving the lives of patients throughout the world. Whether manufacturing pacemakers, CT scanners or catheters, our passion for innovation and ingenuity is why this proud American industry continues to lead the world in these challenging times. Unfortunately, in fewer than 60 days, a new medical device tax will hit this innovative industry, and it threatens patient care and U.S. jobs."

ObamaCare's Silent Job Killer

Quin Hillyer
USA Today
Sat, 2012-11-03

"Obamacare has been the dog that didn't bark in this campaign. Given some of the damaging ideas in the law, that's a surprise. Among the worst is medical device tax, which kicks in next year. The reticence to fight about the tax is odd: It already is destroying job opportunities, and it soon will start blocking medical developments that could improve or even save many lives."

Vice President Biden Offers Senior Floridians Misguided Information On Medicare

Scott Gottlieb
AEI Ideas
Mon, 2012-10-01

"Screening colonoscopies under Medicare are cheap but usually not free. And President Obama didn’t craft the policy that first extended coverage for the colonoscopies and lowered their cost, either. President Bush did it."

Medical Device Makers Fear Tax

Kelly Kennedy, USA Today
Mon, 2012-09-24

"Even as the new health care law adds millions of insured customers to the paying pool, medical device manufacturers say a tax on their product could cost them billions... But the manufacturers say the tax will force money away from research, send jobs overseas and stop them from expanding in the U.S."

A Major Glitch for Digitized Health-Care Records

Stephen Soumerai & Ross Koppel
The Wall Street Journal
Tue, 2012-09-18

"The lobbyists promised that these technologies would make medical administration more efficient and lower medical costs by up to $100 billion annually. Many doctors and health-care administrators are wary of such claims—a wariness based on their own experience. An extensive new study indicates that the caution is justified: The savings turn out to be chimerical."

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