Medicare and the other entitlement programs are putting our fiscal future in danger. ObamaCare includes $500 billion in cuts to Medicare, but Medicare’s Chief Actuary doesn’t believe they’ll ever happen. “This led Foster to his central argument:. Rather than face the draconian consequences of its decisions, Congress will step in to prevent the cuts and restore services… Health care reform was sold to Congress as an act of fiscal prudence. It’s beginning to look more like an exercise in profligate spending.”

A USA Today story highlights the attempts of educational organizations to teach people the truth about ObamaCare, but instead ends up perpetuation misinformation. Seniors are correct to be concerned about cuts to Medicare benefits and rationing.

The presidents of Texan medical schools are concerned about new costs from ObamaCare that will cause them to train fewer doctors. Teaching hospitals rely on Medicare and Medicaid patients, and they will be reimbursed less per patient by the government according to ObamaCare’s new payment schedules. Given that new insurance subsidies will drive up the demand for medical services, a restriction in supply could result in higher premium costs or rationing of care.