ObamaCare created the budget-busting CLASS Act, which the new Deficit Commission has proposed to repeal. “Repealing CLASS is a start, but Congress must seriously reconsider the entire health-care bill, paying particular attention to its two most expensive provisions: the Medicaid expansion and the health-insurance subsidies. Beyond their exorbitant price tags, these programs increase the ranks of those dependent on government by tens of millions of people.”

“To stay in business under ObamaCare, doctors will have to adjust. Some will see fewer patients themselves and hire nurse practitioners to help carry the load; others will work part-time and supplement their income elsewhere. Many will join groups or become salaried employees of hospitals or clinics.”

“First, ObamaCare’s state-side implementation is going to be very difficult and very complex. Even big, liberal states like California are going to have trouble keeping up with the law’s requirements. Second, that complexity is going to set up a system that’s 1) going to create a lot more interdependence between the government and the private sector and 2) begging to be gamed. That’s presumably why private firms, especially in the consulting sector, are already investing heavily in staff who can explain what the government’s doing and, presumably, how to take advantage of it. “

Despite its 2000+ pages, ObamaCare still will require over ten thousand pages of new regulations to govern its implementation.