Audits and investigations into the effects of ObamaCare from congressional committees, government auditors, advocacy groups, and others.

House passage of the Senate version of ObamaCare means higher health costs, higher deficits, higher taxes, higher premiums, incentives for employers to drop employees’ insurance, incentives for employers to avoid hiring low-income workers, financial penalties for entering into marriage, further expansion of Medicaid and the launching of a new entitlement program, and the ushering in of a culture of statism and dependency in lieu of limited government and liberty.

As ObamaCare stands poised to limit or possibly ban popular high-deductible insurance plans — which are paired with health savings accounts (HSAs) to give patients more control over their own health-care dollars — a new insurance survey shows that the number of Americans enrolled in HSAs has increased ten-fold in just five years and how now eclipsed 10 million. 

In a study commissioned by the state of Indiana’s Family and Social Services Administration, the Milliman consulting and actuarial firm concludes that ObamaCare would costs Indiana taxpayers $3.6 billion (in addition to their burden as federal taxpayers), as nearly one-quarter of Indiana residents would be on Medicaid by the end of the decade.

Over the next ten years, more than $500 billion would be siphoned out of Medicare and spent on ObamaCare, as ObamaCare would cause about half of all seniors with Medicare Advantage plans to lose them, would require seniors to pay higher taxes, and would reduce seniors’ access to care — while Medicare’s solvency would continue to weaken.

Massachusetts-like wait-times to see a doctor may become the nationwide norm under ObamaCare.

In the wake of ObamaCare’s failure to provide a Medicare “doc fix” and its plans to siphon nearly $1 trillion dollars out of Medicare in the overhaul’s real first decade (2014 to 2023), 42 percent of Texas doctors are now refusing to take new Medicare patients and hundreds are opting out of Medicare altogether.