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Health Affairs
Thu, 2015-03-05
The Supreme Court justices had a lively discussion yesterday during arguments in King v. Burwell about who Congress intended to get health insurance subsidies and under what conditions. The central...
Thu, 2015-03-05
Today, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in King v. Burwell, a case with significant implications for the future of Obamacare. Most of the justices’ questions proceeded along expected lines....
The Daily Mail
Wed, 2015-03-04
Justice Anthony Kennedy said state insurance exchanges could collapse without federal subsidies to offset the costs of insurance Supreme Court heard an hour of oral arguments in an Obamacare...
The Daily Caller
Tue, 2015-03-03
Congress is busily making plans for legislative action should the latest challenge to Obamacare prevail in the Supreme Court. On Wednesday, the justices will hear arguments in King v. Burwell to...
Galen Institute
Mon, 2015-03-02
By our count at the Galen Institute, more than 49 significant changes already have been made to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: at least 30 that President Obama has made unilaterally...


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