While it is possible for policymakers, journalists, and policy experts to sort through multiple websites and emails to find the latest and most important information on the health law, the process can be difficult, time consuming, and inefficient. That is why the Galen Institute is offering ObamaCareWatch.org — a robust online destination for credible, substantive news and commentary about the ACA and related health policy issues.

The site aggregates the most cogent expert commentary and analysis from our colleagues in the health policy community to offer a single destination for the writings of these thought leaders. It doesn’t replace the content being produced by our many sister think tanks and colleagues but instead offers “one-stop shopping” to access their commentaries, papers, and other analytic works.

ObamaCareWatch also offers links to important editorials and news articles from the mainstream and trade media about the latest developments with the law, its implementation, and alternative free-market solutions. In addition, we scan the web for ideas, stories, and real-life examples to explain how the law is impacting the American people in real time.

Our focus is on news from the pro-market side of the ObamaCare debate. This is your place to find ideas that promote freedom and choice in health care. And please visit our Experts page for names and contact information for dozens of top health policy experts from academic institutions and market-oriented think tanks around the country.

For up-to-the-minute updates, please follow us on Twitter at @obamacarewatch and Facebook at www.facebook.com/obamacarewatch. You can sign up for our weekly summaries by visiting the ObamaCareWatch home page.

The Galen Institute — a non-profit research organization focusing on free-market ideas in health reform — obtained the website from the Manhattan Institute and maintains it as a service to the public.