In July of 2018, the Galen Institute put its ObamaCareWatch website in mothballs and transitioned our work and focus to American Healthcare Choices. still provides access to thousands of articles, papers, and commentary that we have posted since we launched ObamaCareWatch as an online destination for information about the law and its impact on the American health sector.

The Galen Institute continues its focus on the pro-market and pro-consumer side of the health reform debate. Please visit us at our American Health Care Choices website for daily updates on news and information about ideas and actions to promote freedom and choice in health care and sign up for our newsletter here.

The Galen Institute — a non-profit research organization focusing on freemarket ideas in health reform — continues to provide access to ObamaCareWatch as a service to the public and as a reminder of the imperative for reform ideas that move from government to consumer control over health care choices.