“The $5B allocation attached to [ObamaCare’s] High Risk Pool initiative appears to represents a number dictated more by political feasibility than a fair assessment of true program cost.”

According to a new study, ObamaCare provides disincentives for businesses to hire new workers and provides incentives to invest in capital rather than in labor — since, for example, hiring a 25th worker would cost a business $5,600, in addition to wages and benefits. 

The Community Living Assistance Services and Support (CLASS) Act, buried deep within ObamaCare, is a program of front-loaded funding and back-loaded spending that even Democratic Senator Kent Conrad, an ObamaCare supporter, calls “a Ponzi scheme of the first order.”  The CLASS Act is unsustainable, but it succeeded in artificially lowering ObamaCare’s cost-estimates by $70 billion.  It practically invites adverse selection, and, if it were to remain on the books, it would eventually result in higher deficits, higher premiums for those enrolled, compulsory enrollment, or a combination of those three.

After hovering between 12 and 20 percent for the first two months after ObamaCare’s passage, the margin favoring repeal has now jumped to a whopping 31 percent — as 63 percent of Americans now favor repeal while only 32 percent are opposed. 

The White House announces regulations for implementing ObamaCare’s federal mandate that employer-sponsored or individually purchased policies must offer coverage to subscribers’ children if these “youths” are under the age of 26 — with the increased costs being borne by all families with employer-sponsored insurance.

After 14-straight electoral victories in running for Congress, Alan Mollohan’s career as a representative from West Virginia comes to an abrupt end in the wake of his vote for ObamaCare, as he’s routed in the Democratic primary by a challenger from his right.

“We’re going to do everything we can to make sure this law never, ever goes into effect,” says House Minority Leader John Boehner — as the Republicans also plan to challenge the confirmation of Donald Berwick as the new administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Newt Gingrich thinks ObamaCare can and should be repealed, but until Americans elect enough ObamaCare opponents to Congress and the White House to bring that about, he says that ObamaCare opponents (almost all of them Republicans) have a duty to use Congress’s power of the purse to deny funding and thereby thwart its implementation.

Amidst all of the various mandates and costs that ObamaCare would impose on small businesses, the administration claims that the overhauls’ small-business tax credit would be a great benefit for companies with less than 25 employees and average wages under $50,000 — but the reality is that the tax credit would shrink sharply once a company gets above just 10 workers or $25,000 in average annual wages.

A new study by Mercer (a leading consulting firm) shows that up to one-third of employers, far more than Congress had assumed, could get hit with penalties from a little-noticed provision of ObamaCare, with employers of low-income workers getting hit the hardest — thereby giving them an incentive to avoid hiring, or keeping, low-income workers.