The misaligned economic incentive structure in the health sector create waste and worsen care. ObamaCare does not fix this problem. “The legislation accordingly focuses
on broadening access by means of insurance reform and not on
changing the incentives driving health care treatment and overall spending. Indeed, on numerous occasions, Congress and
the administration pulled their punches in addressing those
problems — usually by trading stricter reforms in those areas
for coverage provisions that they valued more.”

“The federal district court’s decision declaring portions of federal health care reform unconstitutional reaffirms that the federal government has limited and enumerated powers. The theories advanced by the federal government in support of the mandate were without bounds and could have justified virtually unlimited federal control of private activity. Reforming America’s health care system is important, but just like everything else, from national security to environmental protection, it must be done in a way that’s consistent with constitutional principles.”

“In a stinging rebuke to the Obama administration, a federal judge Monday invalidated a key provision of the recently passed health care law, saying that it ‘exceeds the constitutional boundaries of congressional power.'”