“The brutal arithmetic is that total federal health spending is about 10% of GDP today and on pace to hit 15% in 20 years. The liberal response is more central planning and eventually the political rationing of care, even as taxes continue to climb. The alternative that Mr. Ryan has offered, including an ObamaCare repeal and a conversion of Medicaid into block grants to states, would bring that share down to 6% as premium support began to limit Medicare’s open-ended spending.”

“Now, a recent hearing held by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health has further revealed that the cost of ObamaCare will be higher than expected. Douglas Elmendorf, Director of the Congressional Budget Office, highlighted that CBO’s March 2011 updated analysis of the health care legislation shows its coverage provisions costing $1.1 trillion between 2012 and 2021. This is $90 billion more than the prior month’s estimates for the same time period.”

“Efforts to defund ObamaCare one bite at a time are making progress in the House, although Senate prospects remain dim. The House is addressing parts of ObamaCare which are so loosely-drafted that House Speaker John Boehner and others label them multi-billion-dollar ‘slush funds.'”

“In 2009, using a PPACA-adjusted MLR
definition, we estimated that 29% of insurer-state
observations in the individual market would have
MLRs below the 80% minimum, corresponding to
32% of total enrollment. Nine states would have
at least one-half of their health insurers below the
threshold. If insurers below the MLR threshold
exit the market, major coverage disruption could
occur for those in poor health; we estimated
the range to be between 104,624 and 158,736

“ObamaCare is alive and well and is the law of the land. Not one word of this 2,801 page law has been changed or repealed. It poses a clear and present danger to America’s freedom, prosperity, and health care.
In terms of freedom, ObamaCare may be one of Washington’s biggest broadsides against personal liberty in history.”

“At the heart of the spending problem, of course, is health care, and at the heart of the health-care cost problem is Medicare. The Obamacare ‘solution’ is heavy-handed regulation and government-imposed cost controls. That approach never works, and only erodes the quality of the system. What’s needed is a functioning marketplace, with government oversight and cost-conscious consumers directing the allocation of resources. And that’s exactly what the Ryan plan would deliver.”

“After a months-long battle, the Senate voted Tuesday, 87 to 12, to repeal the 1099 tax-reporting requirement in Democrats’ healthcare reform bill. The measure now goes to the president, who is expected to sign it, making it the first part of his party’s signature reform bill to be scrapped.”