Under Obamacare, congressional members and staffers may prematurely lose their health-care plans — but, in an 8,100-page analysis, the Congressional Research Service says it can’t tell for sure.

Looming shortages of up to 150,000 doctors, combined with millions of newly insured, likely means long lines under Obamacare.

Obamacare would limit flexible spending accounts — which allow Americans greater control over their own health-care dollars and greater opportunity to shop for value — even though such plans have helped families to lower their health costs.

Federal high-risk pools would short-change those who have been in state-run high-risk pools — and might run out of money by 2011.

The Obama administration defends the health-care overhaul in the wake of projections by the Medicare Chief Actuary, which show that it would raise health costs by $311 billion and would shift 14 million people off of employer-provided insurance – and some of them onto Medicaid.

Healthy Indiana, with its popular health savings accounts, is not likely to survive Obamacare.

In Massachusetts, whose health-care overhaul is described by President Obama as being similar to ObamaCare, emergency-room visits, and the costs arising from them, have risen, not fallen — as a doctor shortage has prevented increased insurance from translating into increased access to primary care.

A myriad of companies stand to lose millions through Obamacare’s repeal of tax breaks to those who provide drug benefits to retirees.