Obamacare would impose expensive mandates, taxes and regulations on small and mid-sized businesses — and many of these mandates would discourage the hiring of new employees.

Obamacare would limit flexible spending accounts — which allow Americans greater control over their own health-care dollars and greater opportunity to shop for value — even though such plans have helped families to lower their health costs.

Healthy Indiana, with its popular health savings accounts, is not likely to survive Obamacare.

The Oklahoma Legislature formally expresses its opposition to Obamacare.

Missouri moves toward a potential August referendum to let voters express their opinions about Obamacare’s individual mandate, which could provide symbolic support for repeal.

Under Obamacare, businesses would have to issue millions of 1099’s and would have to gather taxpayer identification numbers for every payee or vendor with whom they do $600 in business — swamping them in paperwork.