“Amid a budget debate that will affect the health care of virtually every family, a new poll finds support for President Barack Obama’s overhaul at its lowest level since passage last year…
The Associated Press-GfK poll showed that support for Obama’s expansion of health insurance coverage has slipped to 35 percent, while opposition stands at 45 percent and another 17 percent are neutral. That nearly ties the previous low in September 2009, when after a summer of heated town hall meetings dominated by critics, only 34 percent supported Obama’s approach.”

“Missouri’s Democratic attorney general broke with his party on Monday and urged a federal judge to invalidate the central provision of the new health care law.”

“ObamaCare is alive and well and is the law of the land. Not one word of this 2,801 page law has been changed or repealed. It poses a clear and present danger to America’s freedom, prosperity, and health care.
In terms of freedom, ObamaCare may be one of Washington’s biggest broadsides against personal liberty in history.”

“Unfortunately, between now and then, the majority of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s other provisions will take effect. Implementing those provisions will require billions of dollars – money that could be for naught if the Supreme Court invalidates the law.”

“No doubt, the president will defend the new health law from every attack, even as he tries to deflate the repeal push with concessions aimed at undermining opposition without giving real ground.
But it is the law’s opponents who are most likely to bring up health care, not the president.
And that’s ironic. Because it’s clear Obama and those who passed the law consider it to be an historic achievement. But, having exhausted his first term securing its passage, the president will have to find some other rationale to justify requesting a second one.”

“Sebelius’ comments—and many more that I don’t have space to address—help explain why so many people are confused about the law. The law’s biggest defenders remain confused themselves. There is misinformation being delivered, and most is coming from the White House.”

“For Republicans committed to maintaining a vibrant and free society, there is no choice but to make genuine health care reform the centerpiece of their domestic agenda. If the health care debate is lost, then the fight for limited government is lost as well. That means that the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare and to fix our health care entitlements must be well underway by 2013.”

“On ObamaCare’s first anniversary, let’s give the president his due: It wouldn’t be in law today without his persistent push for its passage.
Not that his policy arguments carried the day or were persuasive. They weren’t. No, in the end, Obamacare was passed because the president had so tied his political fate to it that it became quite literally impossible for most members of his party in Congress to oppose it. And so it passed.”

“I am convinced that ObamaCare was designed to lead to a government takeover of our entire health-care system, which is one-sixth of our economy. As I traveled around Wisconsin in the last year, I asked thousands of people a simple question: ‘Do you think the federal government has the capability of running one-sixth of our economy?’ Only two people ever raised their hands.”

“Today marks the official one-year anniversary of enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Of course, the political honeymoon for the new health law’s original marriage of expanded coverage, income redistribution, interest-group deals, budgetary smoke, and unpredictable regulatory mirrors ended well before its final signing ceremony. Today, a clear plurality of the broader American public remains ready to return more than just a few of the defective or unwanted gifts it was offered. It does not seek further counseling. It wants a divorce from ObamaCare.”